Jokari Top Coax Plus Cable Stripper with 11mm Spanner

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The JOKARI Top Coax Plus Cable Stripper is suitable for common standard coaxial cables with diameters from 4.8 up to 7.5 mmØ, e.g. TV-Coax, RG 58U / RG 59U. Precision set blades in the top of the tool allow you to easily strip the outer insulation from the cable without damaging the braided wires, as well as the inner insulation to expose the core.

The cable will pass through the stripper for an unlimited stripping range and an integrated socket tool clips onto the handle for tightening and opening F-connectors (HEX 11).

All blade surfaces are TiN coated for easy cutting and a long service life.

More Information
More Information
SKU JOK30110
Manufacturer Jokari
Type Wire Strippers