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This mask has been designed to increase your resistance to harmful viruses and bacteria.

The new technology built into this unique product adds further protection by use of a proven Silver Antibacterial finish which inhibits bacteria from multiplying.

The dual action combines mechanical fibre filtering and the Antibacterial to reduce the risk of infection.

These masks are machine washable and therefore are freshly sanitised after each wash.

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Color White
Weight 0.050000


•With Lyrca.
•Antibacterial Silver Finish.
•Machine Washable.
•May protect against airborn Virus, bacteria and harmful dust.
•May reduce spread from infected patients and increase protection for
•Ideal for sports fans, students, hospital visitors and groups.
•Re-sanitised after washing.

90% Polyamide 10% Elastane

Made in Great Britain

• The MMXX Mask uses Micro fibre Multi Filament Hypoallergenic Polyamide yarns which do NOT deteriorate and can be washed and worn Day after Day.
• The Natural crimp in the yarns gives a Flexible softness at the same time as providing a dense mechanical filtration effect.
• Combined with elastomeric yarns almost invisible to the naked eye the Gentle Stretch characteristics ensure the perfect fit. Wash after Wash.
• Knitted on the best High Tech Fine Gauge Seamless machinery with variable tension control the fit around the Nose, Mouth and under the chin is sealed.
• Inhaled and Exhaled air passes through the dense fibres in the knitted loops - Not like a paper mask where unfiltered air passes both in and out with each breath through poor fit.
• The MMXX mask has been specially treated with ANTIBACTERIAL Silver Treatment. This additional defence can last up to 20 Washes.

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