Leica Geosystems NA724 Automatic Level (24x Zoom)

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The Leica Geosystems NA724 Automatic Level has the following specification:

Magnification: 24x.
Telescope Image: Upright.
Type: Nitrogen Filled Telescope.
Lens Diameter: 36mm.
Shortest Target Distance: 0.5m.
Angle Measurement: 360° or 400 gon.

Distance Measurement

Multiplication Factor: 100.
Additive Constant: 0/
Circular Level: 2mm.
Horizontal Drive: Both Sides, Endless.

Accuracy (Standard Deviation)

Per km Double Levelling: 2.0mm.
Single Measurement With 30m Target Distance: 1.2mm.


Setting Accuracy: < 0.5in.
Tilt Area: ± 15.

Environmental Stresses

Drop Resistance: ISO 9022-33-5.
Water/Dust Tightness: IP 57 (Submersible).
Operating Temperature: –20 to +50°C.

Size: 19x12x12cm.
Weight: 1.6kg.

More Information
More Information
Manufacturer Leica Geosystems
Type Optical Level