the UK's leading lighting design and supply service

the UK's leading lighting design and supply service

Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions is a progressive and innovative division of Park Electrical that focuses on all forms of renewable energy technology, products & services. The core of this department focuses on solar energy and all associated products and is supported by a team of trained specialists who offer a full consultation and design service.

In addition to our vast solar expertise we offer a suite of products aimed at reducing energy consumption from voltage optimisation units which when fitted into the electricity supply can save 10% to 15% of your electricity bill. We also have gas regulator devices which operate on the same principle as the voltage reduction units and can save significant gas consumption costs.

An integral part of this department is Park’s Lighting Design team who provide a free service to all customers who require a lighting design service. From scratch we can develop lighting schemes in accordance with the required regulations and when required provide fully indemnified solutions to all your lighting needs. This extends to reviewing any existing lighting installation with the objective of recommending a replacement solution. Electricity savings will be calculated and a detailed report provided, showing pay-back on capital expenditure.

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