As innovative home automation [email protected]® offers an endless number of possibilities for creative design. This allows the home to be equipped in line with endless personal concepts and preferences. Both today and in the future.

Twice as easy – for commissioning and configuration

[email protected]® combines all the useful functions of comfortable home automation and door communication into a single system that is easy to understand and operate. The initial configuration of the system by the electrician is carried out via an app. Commissioning is particularly fast and saves valuable working hours.

Total networking

[email protected]® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Whether blinds, lights, heating, air-conditioning, door communication or home appliances – comfort, safety and efficiency can finally be controlled intuitively. Via a switch on the wall, via voice-control or remotely with a smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Also all functions in the house can be managed automatically – according to schedule, sun set or sun rise, temperature and the presence of people – or be called up at the touch of a button. And here, every combination of the various functions is possible.

Easy installation

The installation is as flexible as it possibly could be. With wired or wireless sensors, actuators and sensor-actuator units, as well as configuration and operation via an app, the system is future-proof and thus ensures electricians greater success and easier operation for end customers – without extra effort. Another advantage of [email protected] is that it can be installed centralized – with the actuators in the enclosure cabinet – or decentralized with the actuators right behind the sensors in the mounting box.  


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  1. ABB Comfort radiator thermostat wireless 2CKA006200A0134

  2. ABB Basic radiator thermostat wireless 2CKA006200A0133

  3. ABB Touch Screen 7"

  4. ABB Temperature Sensor 2CKA006220A0720

  5. ABB Power Supply Unit MDRC 24V DC 2.5 A 2CDG120037R0011

  6. ABB FM back box for touch screen 4.3" 2CKA006220A0389

  7. ABB Touch Screen 4.3"

  8. ABB Binary Input 4 Gang FM 2CDG510003R0011

  9. ABB Binary Input 2 Gang FM 2CDG510002R0011

  10. ABB Binary Input 4 Gang 2CDG510004R0011

  11. ABB Heating Actuator 12 Gang 230V 2CDG510009R0011

  12. ABB Heating Actuator 6 Gang 230V 2CDG510008R0011

  13. ABB Blind Actuator 4 Gang 230V 2CDG510011R0011

  14. ABB Switch Actuator 8 Gang 6A I/O 2CDG510007R0011

  15. ABB Switch Actuator 4 Gang 16A 2CDG510006R0011

  16. ABB Dimming Actuator 6 Gang 2CKA006220A0731

  17. ABB Dimming Actuator 4 Gang 2CKA006220A0729

  18. ABB PSU 640mA 2CDG510001R0011

  19. ABB System Access Point 2.0 2CKA006200A0155

  20. ABB Frames


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