Whether used in new buildings or for modernisation – eNet is the future-proof wireless system for smart networking and control of building technology in homes or rental apartments up to 140 square metres. An alliance of leading vendors has developed eNet as a manufacturer-neutral industry standard, which has already proven its worth in many households.

With eNet SMART HOME, a new expansion stage of the eNet system is now available. It offers the possibility to conveniently control and monitor the building technology via smartphone while on the move. Whether at home or on the road - always absolutely secure!

Lighting Control

It doesn’t matter what kind of lights you already use at home. Integrate existing lights and other products in your eNet SMART HOME. With intuitive app control you can simply turn lights on or off room by room. The perfect way to ensure cosy film nights: when the TV is on, the lights should dim automatically. Simply define an if-then rule in the eNet SMART HOME app.

Heating Control

Comfortably control your smart thermostats from tado° with the eNet SMART HOME app. Use scenes and rules – and you’ll always know how warm it is at home. With location-dependent control of the tado heating system, your eNet SMART HOME knows when you are out and automatically turns down the heating.

Energy Efficiency

With the use of eNet energy sensors you can monitor the consumption of any connected device and see exactly how much energy is being used. Smart heating management system from tado knows when no one’s home and automatically turns the heating down low. Intelligent lighting control can automatically switch lights on or off depending on defined brightness levels outside.

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  1. GIRA eNet Wireless Wall Transmitter

  2. GIRA eNet wireless hand-held transmitter

  3. GIRA G1 24 V

  4. GIRA G1 230 V

  5. GIRA G1 PoE

  6. GIRA Additional WLAN antenna GIR530800

  7. GIRA Additional wireless antenna GIR530700

  8. GIRA Installation adapter mini housing GIR542900

  9. GIRA eNet wireless diagnostic device GIR530400

  10. GIRA eNet wireless blind actuator, 1 Ch GIR543700

  11. GIRA eNet wireless dimming actuator - 4Ch - 4 x 250 W/VA GIR543100

  12. GIRA eNet wireless dimming actuator - 1Ch - 20 – 500 W/VA GIR543000

  13. GIRA eNet wireless switching actuator - 8Ch / blind actuator - 4Ch GIR543500

  14. GIRA eNet wireless switching actuator - 1Ch GIR543300

  15. GIRA eNet Wireless Blind Actuator - 1Ch GIR542700

  16. GIRA eNet Wireless DALI Control Unit - 1Ch GIR542200

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