Park Investing in a new plug in electric hybrid car fleet

We are very pleased to demonstrate our corporate commitment to the environment by investing in our second fleet of electric plug in hybrid cars while also reducing costs to the business.

The first of 20 new Mercedes PHEV cars have been delivered with the others due over the coming couple of months. These eco vehicles will be driven by the sales staff and management team who will also see a saving in BIK car tax. The complete fleet will be in place by the end of 2018.

We have been a hybrid advocate for several years and we have seized the opportunity to change the car fleet to the latest generation of Mercedes. The change will benefit the environment, the employees and the company, an all-round win for everyone. We estimate Park’s EV vehicles will travel in the region of 220,000 miles a year using electric power, saving around 46 tonnes of Co2 per year against standard combustion engines.

Park has installed a significant number of battery charging stations around its five branches to ensure we can gain the maximum efficacy. The North East currently has 300 EV public charge points, in autumn 2017 the Chancellor of the Exchequer committed to spend £400 Million to increasing the EV infrastructure across the country, encouraging the use of EV vehicles by all.

According to the last four years has seen a surge in the demand for electric vehicles in the UK. New registrations of plug-in cars increased from 3,500 in 2013 to more than 150,000 by May 2018. Batteries are becoming more powerful and cheaper to buy ensuring the EV revolution is still on the increase. With vehicle emissions low at less than 50g/km and most cars with over 100 miles per gallon they offer a compelling mix of fuel and economy. The Mercedes C350e emits just 48g/km of CO2 and falls into a low company car tax band.

We are very much committed to the environment and in reducing our carbon footprint while also reducing costs.