Spartan challenge is no obstacle for Kris Payne

I am coming up to my first anniversary as a digital marketing assistant at Park and it’s safe to say that my colleagues in our Gateshead branch know that I am always up for a challenge.

In December 2017, I took part in the first ever Icelandic Spartan race. This was gruelling to say the least but a fantastic experience.This year, my friends and I decided we would try the Spartan Race UK. A two-day event, we were forewarned about the serious challenges we faced. They were not wrong! Even as a former fitness instructor, nothing prepared me for the mixture of hills, water, forest trails, heat and the range of obstacles that came our way.

We did a lot of preparation including HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions and training in car parks to prepare us for the obstacle course. The event was at Marston Lodge, Leicestershire on 14 and 15 July. The Saturday included the ‘Super’ 16k and the Sunday was the 6k sprint. The 16k was tough and included over 25 obstacles such as barbed wire, wall climbing, carrying sandbags and much more, all whilst trying to run up hills or through water.

We will be completing the final heat in the series and most probably the hardest, the aptly named Spartan Beast. It is set to test not only endurance, perseverance and grit but also our mental strength when it takes place in October. Having just recovered from the last challenge, I will enjoy my recovery before I turn my attention to The Beast. I have also signed up to another Spartan sprint challenge in September and I am also running the Great North Run.

It would be great if I could tempt any of my colleagues to sign up for a Spartan Challenge in 2019! It could make for a great team bonding event.