Investment in new van fleet improves efficiency and effectiveness of our delivery

As a company committed to the environment, we have recently invested in a new van fleet consisting of the Mercedes Sprinter.

The 11 vans have a Euro 6 fuel efficient cleaner engine, CO2 emissions of 210g and over 35 combined miles per gallon.

The vehicles are managed by our fleet partner Northgate Fleet Management who fully maintain the vehicles including servicing, tyres and all maintenance. This is beneficial as it saves time and money should a problem occur with one of the vehicles.

In 2018, we invested in a new car fleet and, much like the vans, this is a win-win situation for us with customer service at the heart of our decision making.

The vans operate across our five branches offering same day and next day delivery and we have spent additional time looking to build in further efficiencies.

So, working alongside our software partners, we developed an electronic note delivery system which also includes mapping. Once an order is added to our system the goods are allocated and the delivery note is transferred to a hand held mobile phone within one of the vans.

The route is planned and the driver is guided to the location. When approaching the site, the driver can call ahead giving an accurate ETA of the delivery allowing the customer to be ready, all of which reduces time.

The delivery will be signed for using the electronic POD handset, a copy of which can be forwarded via email. The system also stores the signature for the future, so saving valuable time filing paper back in the office.

Each vehicle also has GPS tracking displayed on a screen in the sales office which allows branch staff to update the customer over the phone or by email with an accurate ETA.

The improved system and mapping has seen an improved service to the customer while providing extra capacity in the system.  By being forward thinking, we believe these changes have improved the efficacy and effectiveness of our delivery.

Neil McCrossan, UK sales director at Northgate Vehicle Hire, said: “We are proud to partner with Park Electrical to provide a new fleet of clean engine vans through our We Buy You Rent scheme. Replacing the old vehicles not only refreshes the fleet in terms of new vehicles and updated technology, but also upgrades the experience of the fleet team and their employee drivers. Our core objective is to enable our customers to keep their businesses on the road and minimise downtime by providing full service and maintenance offerings.”



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