Investing in the future with new apprentices Liam and Daniel

We are delighted to welcome two warehousing apprentices into the business and to congratulate Josh O’Driscoll on the successful completion of his NVQ apprenticeship at our Teesside branch.

Josh remains with the Teesside branch and 20-year-old, Daniel Myeah, has followed in his footsteps and is undertaking a full-time year long NVQ in warehousing and stores management. Meanwhile, the Gateshead branch has warmly welcomed 18-year-old, Liam Parkinson, to its team as he embarks on a level two apprenticeship in warehousing.

We firmly believe that investing in apprentices and future talent, is our duty as an employer. We want to nurture the skill set of young people so that they grow with us. The company then benefits from a blend of experience and fresh, open-eyed curiosity.

Liam joined the Gateshead branch in March and his learning is supported by Gateshead College. Liam said: “I was unsure what I would do after leaving school but knew I wanted to work for a company that could provide me with a career progression route and Park ticked the boxes. I am really enjoying my new role as it is both stimulating and challenging. I work alongside stores manager, Ray Mayne and branch manager, Chris Riley, where I help ensure all deliveries are picked up by customers and notes for deliveries are recorded correctly for long distance packages”.

“I get the chance to meet new people all the time as there can be up to 50 people entering the warehouse on a daily basis for deliveries and it is nice to interact with them. As well as my day-to-day role within the warehouse, I am also studying for the level 2 qualification, which includes learning how to correctly handle goods, so that I do not strain my back. My college assessor also visits me once a month and we discuss my coursework and he shadows me to watch my work in the warehouse. I am looking forward to completing my learning next year and hope to remain at Park and progress my career with the firm.”