Home Automation – Wireless Control with a Gira eNet System

The demand for smart home and building control systems has substantially increased over recent years, now becoming a must have or at the very least a talking point for new build or retrofit projects.

eNet, is a wireless building control protocol that is supported by a collection of industry leading manufacturers, including Gira, Jung, Steinel and Tado. Through a range of control devices, sensors, actuators and a server (the heart of the system) eNet offers a holistic control solution for lighting, dimming, blinds, security, scenes and energy management.

Due to its wireless infrastructure eNet offers a flexible installation platform which can be easily implemented in retrofit projects or achieve the desired control in a project where a wired system would not be possible.

Online Training:

To support those wishing to learn more about eNet, or offer eNet control solutions in their projects, Gira provide a range of online tutorials and videos which offer a quick system overview. In addition, Gira also offer a FREE online training course which provides an in-depth system breakdown including system fundamentals, product lines, programming and server start-ups.

eNet Tutorials & Videos: Click Here

eNet Online Training: Click Here

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