Parker Prestige, Richmond

On this project the Park Lighting Design team were required to provide all the LED lighting and design to a run-down 18th Century building that was being transformed into a luxury car showroom, Parker Prestige, Richmond in North Yorkshire.


The building required extensive work and Park was brought into the project by electrical contractor, Matthew Snowden Electrical Contractors which took three months to complete.

By using an LED lighting design, the system installation was both cost effective and environmentally friendly spanning across all showroom facilities. In addition to the installation benefits of such a system design energy usage along with maintenance and component replacement costs were drastically reduced.


Client feedback:

“We have worked with Tony Arena and his team at Park’s Teesside branch many times now and they provide us with an excellent service” said Matthew Snowden, managing director at Matthew Snowden Electrical Contractors. “We brought them in on this project because of their design service and knowledge of LED lighting.  Working together with ourselves and the client, Park came up with a design that achieves fantastic lighting levels and shows off the luxury vehicles perfectly.”