Park lead on environmentally friendly service

As a company dedicated to providing customers with environmentally friendly products and design solutions, we take our own responsibility in this area very seriously.

Here is a brief overview of some of the ways we are taking responsibility through positive actions.

  • All six of our branches have LED lighting, which consumes far less energy, is much cooler and less likely to break than incandescent lights. LED is also the lighting of choice for the vast majority of our customer installations.
  • A stand-out moment was our investment in a hybrid car fleet, the benefits are staggering. Fuel consumption and energy saving is substantial. We also provide a range of plug in charging points across all our branches.
  • We have substantially cut down on paper usage and our internal newsletter is electronic, saving on print costs. The newsletter is a key communication tool, assisting us to unify all branches, ensuring each one is performing to the best of its ability and is aware of company protocol and regulations when it comes to environmental practice.

We work hard in our efforts to achieve ISO accreditations when it comes to environmental performance within audit results and that is reflected in our modern approach to technological advances.

As we continue to push forward as a company, all decisions that have an environmental impact will be scrutinised and where appropriate alternative solutions put forward.