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Lighting Design

Through working harmoniously with the in house Project Management Team, alongside suppliers and clients, the design department ensures that all projects undertaken are successful from the initial design stages to the supply and delivery of the fittings. The Design Team incorporate the focused and cohesive nature that is ever present throughout Park.

The rapport that our engineers have built with clients, contractors and manufacturers has been advantageous to all. The department has built an extremely reputable portfolio of projects ranging of jobs covering all bases of the lighting industry, both showcasing the manufacturers’ products and commending the contractors work.

Our goal as a diverse section of Park is to encapsulate the future and ever growing needs of our customers and provide the leading independent UK lighting design service.

Park Electrical LED & Energy Saving Finance Schemes

Lombard is an approved financial vendor with its own funding package available to clients using Park Energy Products.Lombard can create a tailored solution to suit the needs of any client. Our solutions can help improve cash flow and liquidity, whilst preserving capital. For more information on any of the above funding options feel free to give us a call and we can advise you further on the next steps: 

Park Lighting Design: 0191 497 0700 // design@park-electrical.co.uk